Greg Yucha

After completing his MBA at Colorado State University, Greg Yucha returned to Durango and began working as a project manager for a custom home builder in the area. He quickly realized that the true success of a general contractor is not in their ability to hammer nails, but rather in their ability to put together the perfect team of employees, subcontractors, suppliers and other professionals in the home building industry.

Greg Yucha is the owner of Veracity Construction. He got is start in the construction industry helping his father finish basements and remodel the family home. Greg moved to Durango in 1999 to attend Fort Lewis College where he studied finance and economics. Upon graduation Greg worked as the office manager for Advanced Concrete Solutions before heading back to School for his MBA. While at Colorado State University Greg studied Construction Management and completed his MBA. Greg returned to Durango with the plans of opening his own construction company some day. While Greg focuses on the big picture items, such as deign, budget, schedule, finishes and ensuring the entire house is operating as a system. He leaves much of the actual construction to his skilled employees. However, Greg still enjoys putting on his tool bags and helping out when he can. When Greg is not working he enjoys spending time with his family at lake Powell or Skiing and hiking in the mountains around Durango.


Geoff got his start in the construction industry at an early age installing granite and marble countertops. While Geoff has moved into a Jack of all Trades position at Veracity Construction he primairly oversees all tile and trim work. Geoffs OSD style attention to detail ensures all aspects of a custom home come together as planned. Geoff enjoys snowboarding with his two sons and working on cars on his days off.

In the winter of 2015 Greg purchased a dilapidated home on 3 acres just outside Durango. His brother in law, Geoff, recently moved to Durango and was looking for work s a carpenter and tile setter. The two teamed up with the plan to remodel and flip the old home with the goal of having it ready for sale by the end of the summer. At first glance Geoff knew the house could not be saved and had to go. After a quick 15 minutes discussion they decided to knock the house down and start from scratch. In 8 short months they completed their first home together. The house was designed by Greg Yucha and the bulk of the construction was completed by Greg and Geoff while. The house was featured in the 2015 Parade of Homes and took 1st PLACE PEOPLE'S CHOICE for homes under $750,000.00.

Today Veracity Construction has 5 full time employees and focuses on Design-Build Custom Homes in and around the Durango area. Veracity Construction completes 3-4 custom homes and several substantial remodels and additions each year. Our company culture is based on mutual respect for all employees, sub-contractors, and suppliers and recognizing the knowledge and expertise they bring to each project. Our dedicated employees are known for working long days and weekends when the weather is good; as well as hitting the slopes for a great powder day.