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If you're looking for the perfect place to move your family, turn to Veracity Construction. We provide custom home building services and will help you create your ideal home so you don't have to compromise on anything.

From excavation and utility installation to framing and flooring, we'll take care of every aspect of the construction project. You can also work with our custom home builder if you're not settled on a design. We'll help you choose features and designs that will leave you with a home you love.

Get a beautiful custom home without spending a fortune. Arrange for custom home building services in Durango, CO today.

Trust our Educated and Experienced Team

Veracity Construction is a full service general contractor specializing in custom homes and substantial remodels and additions in the Durango area. We build approximately 3 custom homes per year and complete several substantial remodels and additions. The owner, Greg Yucha, has an MBA and 15 years of experience in construction management and design. Our team consists of 5 full time carpenters with varying experience from 5 - 25 years in all aspect of construction. As a full service general contractor, Veracity Construction self-performs several aspects of your new home. We sub-contract out other aspects such as excavation, concrete, roofing, plumbing and electric to specialized trade contractors with great reputations. While the scope of our new homes varies greatly, our new homes typically run from $225 - $250 per square foot.

We specialize in custom designs and flexible construction, that allows us to adapt and change plans as the house develops to serve the owner's needs. We are flexible enough to allow for engaged homeowner's to make changes throughout the construction process with minimal additional costs. We assist with every aspect of your new home from the design to the final touches.

Veracity Construction offers a pre-construction consulting services that will assist you with plans, design, engineering, permits and budget that are necessary to complete prior to beginning construction of your new home.

Why choose Veracity Construction?

Building a house is a big project. You want to know you can trust your builder to do quality work. Make Veracity Construction your top choice because we...

  • Work closely with skilled subcontractors to complete every step of construction
  • Do quality work the first time and will oversee every detail
  • Can help you through the design phase to make sure you love every part of your home

We're committed to building luxury homes at affordable prices. Start building the house you want when you call us at 970-382-0788 today.